Pokemon Trading Card Game Booster Box Sells for Nearly Half A Million at Auction

The Pokemon Trading Card game has seen an increased popularity for collectors in recent months due to multiple high profile card trades and purchases. While the majority of Pokemon cards aren't worth too much on their own, many are buying up packs and boxes to see if they will get any lucky pulls.

Going along with this trend is a recent booster box of the Pokemon TCG's First Edition Base Set that was sold at auction in Dallas, Texas for $408,000. The box itself included 102 base cards and 36 booster packs all in mint condition.

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This event wouldn't be the first time a Pokemon TCG booster box was sold at a Heritage Auctions event for a high price with another being sold back in November of 2020. The price for that booster box however was at $306,000.

With how many rare cards in mint condition were in the sold box, the price was likely worth it for the buyer. After all, inside the shrink-wrapped box was a rare first edition Charizard card, also known for the high prices it can fetch.

Other than the Charizard card, however, are likely other expensive mint edition cards that can be sold individually. The new owner of this booster box however has already opened up to considering offers for it. These offers start at $468,000.

The Comics and Comic Art Auction through Heritage Auctions which this set was sold is still ongoing with the event ending on January 17, 2021. This special auction has additionally already resulted in the selling of sixteen total Pokemon-related lots with others likely going to be sold as well. So far, the total amount that these Pokemon lots have sold for is $1.3 million.

With how it is currently trending, these high profile Pokemon card purchases will likely continue. What currently isn't known however is just how high these prices will be getting to in the future. This recent booster box auction purchase is a record-breaker for booster box prices, but with this new owner already selling it, the record could likely get higher and higher in the coming months.

Those who want these rare cards, but don't want to hand over a fortune to own them will be pleased to find out about certain cards getting reprinted. These reprints will be to celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary alongside a variety of other events. While these cards won't fetch as high a price as the originals, they will be great for newer TCG collectors.

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Source: IGN

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