Pokemon Unite Adding Trevenant to Roster

Pokemon Unite added a new type of gameplay to the Pokemon franchise by taking the series' adorable monster designs and pitting them against each other in a team sport. The diverse cast of the franchise lends itself to a number of roles and a wide variety of creative abilities. Now, Pokemon Unite is getting ready to bring in the cutely spooky Pokemon Trevenant as a new addition to the game's roster.

Trevenant is a dual-type Grass/Ghost Pokemon that resembles a walking tree--if the tree in question was also possessed. It evolves from Phantump, a wispy black Pokemon possessing a tree stump. According to the Pokedex, Phantump are created from the souls of children who got lost in the woods.

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The arrival of Trevenant was announced on Pokemon Unite's verified Twitter account, which features Trevenant's 30-second-long character spotlight video. According to the clip, Trevenant will be arriving as one of Pokemon Unite's Defenders. The video goes on to show off several of the new arrival's moves, many of which seem to involve stunning an opponent. Also featured is Trevenant's scoring animation, which appears to show the Pokemon vibrating with tension as the sphere of Aeos energy approaches the goal.

Although Trevenant may not be the most popular ghost-type of the Gen 6 games, its sleek design and solid potential move set fit right in with Pokemon Unite. The game is already well-known for bringing in odd or unpopular Pokemon alongside the well-known ones and turning them all into stars. Details on Trevenant's specific abilities have yet to be released, but in mainline games, it can learn a variety of Ghost, Grass, and Normal-type attacks. Trevenant can even learn one Fire-type attack, Will-O-Wisp, a non-damaging move that afflicts foes with a burn status effect. However, the move does not affect Fire-type Pokemon.

As of writing, it appears that fans of Pokemon Unite are tentatively excited to see Trevenant in action. Several users replied to the post by celebrating, including one who had previously requested Trevenant be added to the game. One user even stated that Trevenant was their favorite Grass-type Pokemon. However, others stated that this wasn't what they wanted from the game or implied they weren't expecting great things from the Grass/Ghost-type. A second user accused Pokemon Unite of having a preference for Grass-type Pokemon, especially since there's only one Steel-type in the game so far.

Pokemon Unite is available now on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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