Pokimane Reveals the Insane Number of Users That Are Banned from Her Twitch Streams

As the platform continues to grow, both Twitch and Twitch streamers alike continue to bring newfound public attention to the website. Just recently, Twitch streamer Ludwig gained a massive subscriber boost for his 24/7 subathon stunt.

However, having a massive amount of followers is not always a good thing, and many times streamers have to ban users for various reasons constantly. One female Twitch streamer that goes by Pokimane, who is arguably one of the most successful on the website, just recently announced the total number of users blocked from watching her content.

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In total, Pokimane has over 7.5 million followers on Twitch. Due to this high number of viewers, she receives plenty of wildly inappropriate and sexually charged comments daily from a mix of troll accounts. So to combat this, Pokimane has banned about 350,000 accounts from her streams that are controlled by normal users.

Additionally, Pokimane has also banned plenty of bot accounts over the years that have tried spamming her chat. With the number of bot accounts also being considered, Pokimane has banned over 10 million accounts on Twitch. In response to this, Pokimane was stunned by the 350k number alone but was more shocked about the number of both bot accounts and normal users that are banned.

Just yesterday, Pokimane banned 250 accounts from the stream, so as a hypothetical, she asked her chat to find out the total number of banned accounts and was quickly met with a response. All this has come to light during a new segment in Pokimane's streams where she reads unban requests that she gets from viewers. Pokimane gets different types of humorous DMs that tend to either be sincere apologies, jokes, or people angrily reacting to their banned account. So as a result, she publicly humiliates her haters and reads the messages off to thousands of viewers to share the laughter with her audience.

It is interesting to consider that if Pokimane alone has over 10 million banned accounts, just how big of a number of banned accounts on Twitch other popular creators have on the website. And if there are any possible similarities or differences in the number of banned accounts from male to female Twitch streamers. Luckily, Pokimane has been able to turn the bad comments she gets into something she can enjoy with her more dedicated fanbase. Hopefully, Pokimane can continue to stream happily and enjoy her time spent with the fans that care about her for who she is.

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