Razer Unveils High Tech Mask Concept With RGB

It's been a big day for Razer, as the gaming hardware company unveiled a slate of new concepts and products. While the new Razer Blade laptops boast more power and refinements over its predecessors, Razer's most striking announcement has little to do with gaming at all, instead filling an emerging gap in the global market. That new announcement comes in the form of Project Hazel, a high tech mask.

Just like Razer's new gaming chair with an OLED display, Project Hazel is still just a concept, meaning that it's still subject to design changes and could be scrapped entirely. However, the mask is one of the most intriguing concepts to come from the company in some time, largely because of how striking Project Hazel's design is.

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Project Hazel features a medical-grade N95 respirator and a transparent design to keep the wearer's facial cues visible. It also includes "Smart Pods" that filter 95% of airborne particles and have high fluid resistance. Razer states that the mask uses replaceable and rechargeable ventilators, which are sanitized when placed inside the mask's charging box. The charging box has a "disinfecting UV-light interior" that makes all of that possible.

Razer's mask concept can also amplify voices using a built-in microphone. Standard masks muffle voices, so Razer's goal with the amplification and transparent design is to ensure clear communication in social situations, while still respecting social distancing. This also makes it easier for people with hearing disabilities to read lips. Additionally, the mask is waterproof and scratch-resistant with a tight seal.

The mask also features two Razer Chroma RGB zones, which the user can customize. Traditionally, Razer's customization works through a desktop app, though Razer didn't elaborate if that would be the case for Project Hazel. Even without RGB, the futuristic design seems like something that will stand out in a crowd, though changing lights will undoubtedly make the mask look even more striking on the wearer's face, for better or for worse.

Last year, Razer manufactured medical masks to help battle the coronavirus pandemic. With coronavirus cases still on the rise in many countries, the additional masks are a boon to healthcare workers. With Project Hazel, the aim seems to be making a mask that's tailored towards long term use by just about anyone. The project is still in the concept phase, so it's possible that it's a lot different when, and if, it does make it to market, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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