Razer's Zephyr Mask is Adding Voice Amplification

As the third year of the pandemic dawns, it seems that all sorts of industries are getting in on the booming market for face masks. Razer, one of the leading gaming peripheral brands, recently released the Razer Zephyr RGB face mask. Now, the company is preparing to add voice amplification to the next face mask it works on, the Razer Zephyr Pro.

The Razer Zephyr was originally announced about a year ago under the codename of Project Hazel, a concept for a face mask with RGB lighting. The concept design featured a variety of other features as well as the lighting, but when the mask was finally released, one of those features had been removed. It appears that Razer intends to bring back this lost functionality in the new Razer Zephyr Pro.

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The most notable change to the Razer Zephyr Pro seems to be the inclusion of a voice amplification feature. Apparently, this will allow the wearer to speak clearly through the mask without having their voice muffled, which is one of the main complaints about masks. This addition to Razer's most recent mask may appeal to teachers, public speakers, and other people in fields that require both discussion and masks.

The voice amplification function was originally planned to be included in the Razer Zephyr, but was reportedly dropped to make the mask lighter. Despite this, the Razer Zephyr Pro appears to weigh about the same as its predecessor--about 200 grams or 0.45 lbs--and offers the same battery life of five to six hours on a single charge. It's possible that the updated model features a more streamlined build or lightweight materials. Alternately, it may have taken Razer a little longer than expected to design a lightweight speaker and amplifier system suitable to be used in an air-filtration device.

Apparently, Razer intends to release the Razer Zephyr Pro for sale sometime later this year. This is far from the first time Razer has worked on a face mask, but it is the first time the voice amplification function has been added. Reportedly, the Razer Zephyr Pro mask will be priced for retail at $149.99, making it $50 more expensive than the non-pro model. The company also plans to sell a starter pack for $199.99, which will contain both the Razer Zephyr Pro and 99 days' worth of replaceable N95-grade filters. Additionally, the company has confirmed that the masks it makes for Razer Zephyr will also work for the Razer Zephyr Pro.

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Source: IGN

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