Riot Games Clears CEO of Harassment Allegations Following Investigation

Riot Games has been in the headlines once again as a new report of sexual harassment places the CEO Nicolo Laurent in the hot seat. Following the 2018 scandal where sexist culture ran rampant in the Los Angeles-based video game company, the news was taken seriously by critics and Riot Games itself.

The allegations of sexual harassment claimed Nicolo Laurent made inappropriate comments and sexual advances from the claimant identified as Sharon O'Donnell. O'Donnell was Laurents executive assistant for three years, from 2017 to 2020. O'Donnell stated she refused the sexual advances of the CEO and went to Riot Games' HR, which did nothing to help the woman, who was then fired. Riot Games denied all allegations, and Nicolo Laurent himself stated that he was open to examination to help the investigation.

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Now, Riot Games has announced that it has conducted a thorough investigation after the lawsuit against Nicolo Laurent, and has found nothing that would "justify a sanction" against the CEO. A special committee was formed to conduct the investigation against the CEO, which "wasn't taken lightly." The committee readily acknowledged the power dynamic that can occur between executives and assistants could also give rise to toxic behaviors and biases. The committee further noted that "reaching a conclusion about these kinds of allegations can be difficult." In spite of said difficulty, the committee reports that it hasn't found anything of merit.

This isn't the decided end of the case, however, neither legally nor as Riot Games is concerned. The committee stated that, if new information is to come to light, it would request Riot to "reopen the investigation without hesitation and without prejudice." The claims that Laurent attempted to have O'Donnell travel with him and work from Laurent's house, along with other sexual advances, would be difficult to find proof of presuming it was verbal rather than electronic-based.

Laurent has been steadfast in both denying the accusations and showing transparency to the committee. Laurent states on Riot Games' website that "allegations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation" are all false. He closes his statement by maintaining that nothing "remotely close" to the alleged behavior occurred. Riot Games has a vested interest in keeping itself free of ongoing controversies, currently seen with Alienware.

Alienware had its branding removed from Riot Games' League of Legends esports while the companies continue discussions about a partnership that is supposed to last until 2022. With more controversies coming towards Riot Games, however, Alienware is concerned about its image. Additional damage could continue to be added by the allegations, beyond legislation; Riot Games has many partners, even after the 2018 scandal rocked the industry. With a keen desire to steer clear of controversy, any evidence of sexual advances from the CEO of Riot Games would likely change the sentiment of the message from the committee.

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Source: Polygon

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