The 10 Toughest Rock Pokémon, Ranked

When it comes to Pokémon everyone will likely bring up a fire, water, or dragon-type as their favorite as these typings tend to have the flashiest members. Well, if Brock from Pokémon Red & Blue taught us anything it's that it's hard to find pokémon tougher than those of the rock variety.

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Rock-type pokémon come in varying shapes and sizes, but most seem to share a fortitude that matches their natural abilities. Let's take a moment to look at the 10 toughest rock-type pokémon and rank them from worst to first.

10 Golem

It's hard to get tougher than a literal rock with arms and legs popping out. At first glance, Golem looks like a giant boulder that sprouted extremities and a head.

It's unclear if they have soft bodies underneath the rock-like exterior or if the top layer is an extremely dense skin layer and all of their organs are inside the round rock-like shape. It also happens to have a lower center of gravity which gives it the upper hand against foes looking to topple it over and use its weight and body shape against it.

9 Crustle

At first glance, Crustle may look like a weird gimmick idea of a pokémon, but it's much more than that. For starters, it has one of the cooler pokémon designs that aren't reptilian or armored.

Considering its name is Crustle it makes sense that its body resembles the Earth's crust and its many layers of varying sediment. Crustle is not much different than Golem in terms of being a piece of Earth with limbs poking out, but since its previous evolution is a play on hermit crabs, it can likely change to a different boulder, unlike Golem.

8 Gigalith

On the surface, Gigalith simply looks like a mass of rocks with bright red crystals and geodes protruding from its body. It turns out that those red crystals absorb solar energy and that's how Gigalith can shoot out beams of energy from its body.

The energy can be compressed so tightly with so much pressure that the attack fired off afterward is capable of blowing entire mountains to smithereens. It also has the drawback of causing an incalculable amount of fissures in its own body.

7 Bastiodon

With Pokémon Sword & Shield on the horizon, people have been making fun of the legendary pokémon called Zamazenta for having a shield on its face. Well, longtime pokémon fans would know that Bastiodon was actually the first face-shield design and luckily for him, toughness has nothing to do with being aesthetically pleasing.

They're a pretty docile pokémon that will spend its free time eating grass and berries. The creature lived or died 100 million years ago based on how effective it was at keeping threats in front of it.

6 Rhyperior

Rhyperior takes what many people love about Rhydon and simply coats it in what seems to be rock armor plating. It can be found with an ability called solid rock that reduces super effective attack damage by 25% showcasing just how formidable it can be.

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Rhyperior also has holes in its palms that it will fill with rocks and shoot out at enemies or threats. Geodude have been casualties of this and have been shot from its palms. The previously mentioned rock-like plating is said to be able to withstand volcanic eruptions.

5 Rampardos

Sometimes pokémon, like animals, can be a little too obvious about what their bodies were evolved for. In the case of Rampardos, it's clear they were meant to butt heads for dominance and protection.

Sporting a large bulbous blue spot on the top of their head, Rampardos us it to engage in battles for varying types of reasons. The spikes surrounding that spot make it even more dangerous for those looking to challenge it. Funny enough Rampardos is a rock-type pokémon that maybe a rock's greatest enemy.

4 Tyrantrum

Tyrantrum happens to be one of the coolest and toughest pokémon in existence regardless of typing. It isn't the first design based on the world-famous t-rex, but the design and color palette make it come to life.

Tyrantrum's jaw is said to be powerful enough to destroy thick metal plates as if they were cardboard. The toughest thing about them is finding a female as the gender rates are largely in favor of males at an astounding 87.5% to just 12.5% for females. Be on the lookout for that rare t-rex queen.

3 Onix

Anyone who grew up watching the Pokémon anime or played through the original Pokémon Red & Blue are familiar with the rock snake pokémon known as Onix. In both mediums, Onix was the signature partner of Brock and showed fans how physically imposing certain pokémon could be.

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Onix on average is over 28 feet in length and weighs well over 450 pounds. Its body is composed of rock-like segments that come in varying shapes and sizes. It also sports a large piercing horn on the center of its head.

2 Aggron

When Aggron was first revealed many thought that he was just a ripoff of Rhydon from the first generation of games. Upon further review, people began to understand that he was meant to be an armored tank.

Though Rhydon looks like his body is formed of metal, Aggron carries the steel-typing confirming that his armor-plating is composed of metal. Both of the abilities an Aggron can end up having related to a formidable nature as he could either endure one-hit knockouts or receive no recoil damage from attacks.

1 Tyranitar

Tyranitar is more than just a nod to Godzilla. The 6-foot tall cave-dwelling monster is tough as nails and it's pretty evident simply by looking at it. It's known as the armor pokémon likely due to the green scales covering its body looking thick and impenetrable.

Fighting it as a trainer isn't only difficult because of how Tyranitar is built, but also because it's known to kick up a sandstorm or two. This will cause it to get an upgrade in damage and make the conditions around the battle tougher to overcome.

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