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Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is doing pretty well in reviews right now. It’s hovering around the 70s and 80s. Why is there such a difference in opinions? Part of that may be due to technical limitations. Ruined King is a relatively smooth experience as a League of Legends spinoff. However, there are some things that the developers could do to iron things out.

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For example, the load times on Switch are frequent and too long for a 2021 game. They’re better on the more modern consoles. All versions, new or old, suffer from some texture pop-ins and slowed frame rates when the map gets too full of characters or when the camera pans out. What else is wrong with Ruined King and are there ways to fix it?

6 Tweak Auto-Battle And Speed

One of the nicest things about combat is the auto-battle and fast-forward options. Those two mechanics come with a catch that could use some tweaking though. Unlike most games that use auto-battle, like Bravely Default 2, another 2021 Switch RPG, Ruined King players have to hold down a button.

There is no way to have battles play out by themselves which sort of defeats the purpose of auto-battle. The speed setting only goes up by two, which is good to have and players also don’t have to hold it down. However, extra settings could help improve combat even further like going up by four at least.

5 Increase The Run Speed

The speed of combat is not the only thing that needs to pick up the pace in Ruined King. The running speed for every character is slower than it should be. A giant brute like Braum makes sense to have him move slower in a dungeon. It doesn’t make sense to have someone as nimble as Yasuo move just as slow.

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Players can click in the stick to make characters move faster, but by Ruined King’s standards, it’s like going from a walk to a light jog. There is a lot of running around back and forth in this game, especially if players do the side quests, so making traversal on foot faster would help lessen the tedium of backtracking.

4 Remove The Scan Cooldown

It’s hard to pinpoint what game started this trend but scanning is a great mechanic. One of the bigger titles of the last two decades that used it was Batman: Arkham Asylum. It may not have been the first but it can be thanked for popularizing the idea. Ruined King also has a scan ability although it isn’t as intricately detailed as Batman’s.

Using the scan ability will highlight barrels, boxes, chests, and anything else that may contain treasure. The odd thing about scanning is that it runs on a cooldown. There is only about a three to four-second delay between prompts when characters can use it again. This can feel like an eternity while exploring though. It would be nice to see this ability’s cooldown get removed.

3 Get Rid Of Tutorials

Tutorials in games are great. They are a welcomed inclusion in Ruined King as well. However, this game oversteps its bounds. Every time a new menu option gets unlocked and players click on it, a tutorial will pop up. For example, a prompt may ask players if they wish to learn about how equipment, items, or enchantments work in character pages.

Players can select no and that should be that. If they need further introductions then there is the tutorial section of the menu. The strange thing is that every time players quit and then log back into the game, these prompts will reappear. This might be a glitch, or it might be built in directly. Whatever the case may be this prompt shouldn't come back after the first time.

2 Auto-Advancing Dialogue

The story is one of the better things about Ruined King even if players aren’t familiar with League of League. It’s told well with a decent pace after the first couple of hours. The characters are fun to interact with and the voice work is top-notch as well.

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There is one small thing about the story that could use some tweaking though. The auto-speed for dialogue could be quicker. Sometimes there are pauses between sentences that make conversations flow unnaturally. Speeding up this mechanic would help dialogue feel snappier.

1 A Few Save Tweaks

There are a few things about saving in the game that could use some work. First, there are two ways to save in Ruined King. Players can manually save the game at any point which is a huge plus. There is also an auto-save feature that records the journey often. Players can save manually in eight different slots and there are three separate profiles which are great for households with multiple gamers. While it would be nice to see more slots appear per profile, that isn’t the big issue.

If players save manually, every detail about their adventure will be recorded from experience gained to items collected to upgrades purchases. However, the placement of a character will not be saved. They will be sent back to the last entryway they used. This might confuse players who come back to the game unaware of what they were doing last. Adding in the function to keep characters in place wherever players save would be a big help.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story was released on November 16, 2021, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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