Grand Theft Auto 6's Absence Gives Saints Row Time to Shine

The Saints Row franchise has persisted for 15 years by delivering experiences that can seldom be found anywhere else. While the last entry may have gone too off the rails for many, even by Saints Row standards, the series is preparing for an ambitious reboot to come out later this year. It's with this reboot that Saints Row will be able to reinvent itself, and assert its standing against the franchise's most consistent competitor.

Saints Row and the Grand Theft Auto franchise share more than a few similarities. Both properties focus on criminal exploits with tongue-in-cheek storytelling that is as entertaining as it is controversial. Saints Row has routinely played catch-up to Grand Theft Auto and the franchise's prestige in the wider industry, but the state of GTA's future could give Saints Row a serious advantage. GTA fans have been patiently awaiting the release of GTA 6 for years, giving the Saints Row reboot an opportunity to shine in its absence.

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GTA 5 Fatigue and The Elusive GTA 6

For almost 10 years, GTA 5 has been one of the most-played and financially successful games in history, but even with all of its success, there are many gamers who want something new. GTA 5's story mode hasn't received any DLC in all of its time on the market, and while GTA Online has been consistently updated, there's only so much Rockstar can add to San Andreas to keep it from feeling like the same map. Many players have been expressing feelings of fatigue for some time, a fatigue that could be cured by the long-awaited release of GTA 6.

The story of GTA 6 is still taking shape, but in just a few years the game has reached Half-Life 3 levels of intrigue and hype. Rumors have been circulating about GTA 6 for some time, with even the most generous of predictions putting its release in the far future. A recent Take-Two financial report suggested GTA 6 could come out at soon as March 2024, but that means gamers will have to stick with the same nine-year-old game for another two years at least. Even with all the creativity at Rockstar, there's only so much that can be added to San Andreas to keep it interesting.

How Saints Row Can Fill GTA 6's Void

All the fatigue around GTA 5 gives Saints Row a unique opportunity to capitalize on. For those who have been waiting for new GTA 5 story content to no avail, Saints Row will be able to deliver a whole new story experience with a fresh setting and game mechanics. Gamers won't have to drive the same streets they've seen for the last nine years, and Saints Row would be wise to recognize that.

Saints Row will be a fresh start for the franchise's story, but it could also be a fresh start for the state of the series overall. GTA has always reigned supreme as the premier open-world criminal empire experience, but with no new competition in sight, Saints Row could stand alone as the best current option on the market. Saying the game will absolutely topple the success of GTA Online may be overstating things, but if the game gets enough people away from GTA 5 it could build a sizable community. Until Rockstar gives more substantial details on GTA 6, Saints Row will be the hottest new thing upon releases.

Saints Row is set to release August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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