Shadow Man Remaster Trailer Revealed

Nightdive Studios has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Shadow Man Remastered, an updated version of the 1999 title by Acclaim Entertainment. Both the new remaster and the original game are both based on the Shadowman comic series published by Valiant Comics and puts players in the shoes of protagonist Michael LeRoi from the series.

The new trailer launched during the PC Gaming Show 2020 and shows off some of the new features available in Shadow Man Remastered that Nightdive Studios and Valiant Comics hopes will wow fans of the original. Unfortunately, while the development of this new remaster has been reaffirmed with this trailer, there is still no official release date for the upcoming title.

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According to Nightdive Studios, Shadow Man Remastered will include much more than just HD textures or updated visuals from the original release. The new release will include 4K support as well as the implementation of previously cut content that has been re-added to the full game, along with more additions to enhance the experience for players. To a degree, it appears that the remaster is looking to become the definitive edition of Shadow Man with all of these new improvements to the original title.

From the look of this new trailer, fans should be expecting Shadow Man Remastered to still have a very similar look and feel to the original title. Considering that this is a remaster as opposed to a remake, Nightdive Studios seems to be looking to make the best way to relive the classic experience as opposed to bringing the game into a modern experience like the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Not that choosing to create a remaster over a remake is automatically a negative, as choosing to keep the original experience with a mix of new content of smaller upgrades could be exactly what longtime fans want.

While, there's still no release date for Shadow Man Remastered, nor is there any indication for what it can do for the series as a whole, this could be a step towards more possible sequels that will bring the game world up to modern standards. That speculation will likely have to wait for when the remaster finally releases, as it is entirely possible that Valiant Entertainment is using the remaster to gauge fan engagement with the series. Regardless, from what Nightdive Studios has shown so far, the game looks like a great way for new players and longtime fans to get back into the 1999 classic.

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