Shadow Man Remastered Shares New Images and Gameplay Details

Last March, Night Dive Studios, who re-released Shadow Man in 2013, announced that a Shadow Man remaster is currently in the works. Although the original game is two decades old, the recent success of video game adaptation of comic books has revitalized players' interest in older titles such as Shadow Man.

To the uninitiated, Shadow Man is an action-adventure game that was originally developed by Acclaim Studios and is based on the Shadowman comic book series by publisher Valiant Comics. Now, Night Dive Studios has just released new details that include in-game screenshots of Shadow Man remastered, which showcases all the major improvements that the studio has done so far.

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Based on the screenshots released by IGN, players will see the drastic difference between the remastered version and the original game. In the upcoming version, players will notice how Night Dive Studios was able to add high-quality textures to most of the game's environment. Shadows are now found within the dark labyrinths of Shadow Man, and more realistic blood was also added to the game that definitely increases its creepy atmosphere. Moreover, the remastered version of Shadow Man will also bring the original up to 4K resolution.

Additionally, NightDive CEO Stephen Kick told IGN that controls are also getting an upgrade, making it more responsive and will account for dual analog sticks and other features of modern input devices. However, the most exciting part of the remastered version is the return of previously cut content from the original game, which will add new levels and bosses. At the moment, the exact release date of Shadow Man remastered remains unknown, but Night Dive Studios released a preview trailer several months ago to give players a glimpse of the upcoming game.

Shadow Man remastered will be released in 2021 for the PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: IGN

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