Remastered Gives Lore Refresher Ahead of Release Date

Nightdive Studios has been responsible for making several fan-favorite video games and will be releasing Shadow Man: Remastered soon. While players are waiting for the System Shock Remake, they can enjoy the supernatural action-adventure Shadow Man this April.

The original Shadow Man game released back in 1999 on the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast, while Shadow Man: Remastered will release next week on April 15. Players will be able to delve back into the dark supernatural world of Shadow Man on PC, enjoying the remastered graphics while retaining the core gameplay and story from the original. Of course, there's plenty of history to catch up on for the game.

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The Shadow Men are a supernatural order of African warriors who protected the Earth from otherworldly threats for millennia. They fought against the dark forces from the macabre realm of Deadside and vanquished any who tried to harm humanity. In present-day Louisiana, Michael LeRoi, a down on his luck 32-year-old, is thrust into the role as the latest Shadow Man. The fate of the world lies in LeRoi's hands as he battles insidious forces to protect the living from the dead. Some of which is covered in the Shadow Man: Remastered trailer.

Michael LeRoi is a college dropout who finds himself defending the world from the forces of the Deadside. After a bizarre series of events involving gambling, amnesia, and becoming a hitman, LeRoi is chosen to become the newest Shadow Man by his guide, voodoo priestess Mama Nettie. To accomplish this, LeRoi is imbued with great powers through the Shadow Mask, which is key to Shadow Man's gameplay. With it, LeRoi must stop the mysterious Legion and The Five, a demonic group of some of history's most wicked killers, from taking over Liveside, the world of the living.

While some players will be familiar with the game, Shadow Man originated as a comic book character from Valiant Comics back in 1992. Since then, the Shadowman series has persisted for years as one of the comic publisher's premier comic titles. In 2020, Valiant Entertainment announced the Shadow Man remaster from Nightdive Studios, and now it will coincide with the Shadowman series relaunch on April 28. However, the comic series follows a different character, Jack Boniface, who upholds the Shadowman mantle and mission.

Players who purchase Shadow Man: Remastered from any PC storefront will receive a free copy of Shadowman #1 from 2018. They will also receive a preview of the upcoming Shadowman #1 relaunch with the game.

Shadow Man: Remastered releases on April 15, 2021, for PC through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Versions for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One will release later this year.

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