Wendy's is Starting Its Own Podcast

Wendy's is widely known around the world as a fast food chain, but some people also recognize the wit that its social media handles exhibit on Twitter. While other fast food companies such as KFC have waded into the video games, the restaurant's most recent venture seems to be cashing in on its meme-able references with a new podcast.

Wendy's has previously journeyed into the world of gaming. Between Fortnite and Dungeons and Dragons, the fast-food chain has dabbled in different media as it attempts to get the word out about its brand. Even though it has gone into gaming in the past, its current marketing team is pursuing a podcast titled after a long-running meme associated with the franchise.

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The fast food chain has utilized many different social media sites from Twitch to Twitter, but the company is using another aspect of the internet. The official Wendy's Twitter account announced that it is starting a podcast and included a link to the first episode. The podcast is titled "Sir, This is a Wendy's Podcast" after the iconic Tweet in response to a Super Bowl ad. The first episode is around two minutes long, and it gives the first 44,444 listeners a code that they can use to get a discount on Postmates delivery from the restaurant.

Some people on the platform criticized the fast food chain for the podcast, as this is not a typical move for companies like Wendy's to do. However, the Wendy's Twitter account clapped back in a way that is truly on brand with its social media brand, responding to negative replies with savage and creative replies.

Many people found the podcast a fun idea, and some users had conversations with the social media account about when it would be on Twitch playing Fall Guys next. Overall, people seem to be responding positively to the podcast and the avenue for free food, but there is no word on if or when there will be another installment of the podcast.

Gaming and social media have been very profitable for franchises, even those that traditionally wouldn't be connected to the medium. Whether it's playing games like Fall Guys or Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Twitch or it's creating a podcast, there are plenty of ways to connect with consumers, and Wendy's seems to be taking advantage of these different avenues in an engaging yet authentic way. It'll be interesting to see what the fast food chain is up to next.

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