The 10 Best New Spells and Abilities

Skyrim Anniversary Edition introduces such a huge variety of changes to the game that it practically warrants being called an expansion rather than an upgrade. Among these new additions are several new spells that give Skyrim mages plenty of new tricks to try out.

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Some new spells, like Orum's Aquatic Escape, grant niche effects that won't do much in combat. Other spells, like Conjure Bone Colossus and Paralysis Rune, are incredibly powerful and sure to change the way a new player builds their Mage.

Conjure Bone Colossus

Conjure Bone Colossus is a spell first introduced in the Necromantic Grimoire creation. This creation boasts vast improvements to Necromancy (and Conjuring in general), and the Conjure Bone Colossus spell is a prime example of the newfound abilities available to powerful Necromancers.

The Necromantic Grimoire also adds the ability to summon a variety of Skeletal minions, but all pale in comparison to the mighty Bone Colossus bruiser.

Elemental Flare (And Its Higher-Level Versions)

Elemental Flare is a Novice-level Destruction spell that deals two types of elemental damage that affect an enemy's Stamina and Magicka. Elemental Flare deals 15 points of Fire and Shock damage each for a total of 30 damage, with half that damage being dealt Magicka and Stamina to enemies in its area of effect.

There are three other versions of this effect included in the Arcane Accessories pack, being Elemental Bolt, Elemental Burst and Elemental Blast. Elemental Bolt is an Apprentice spell, Elemental Burst is an Adept spell, and Elemental Blast is an Expert spell, each one dealing more damage than the previous tier.

Unbounded Flames/Freezing/Storms

Unbounded Flames, Unbounded Freezing, and Unbounded Storms are three powerful Expert-level Destruction spells with wildly different effects (though each one is incredibly powerful in its own right). These spells can only be bought once the player has hit Destruction 100 and completes the "Destruction Ritual Spell" quest to unlock higher-level spells.

Unbounded Flames creates a stream of fireballs that create a huge wall of fire that lingers and deals damage. Unbounded Freezing knocks down every enemy in melee range and deals huge damage to Health and Stamina, freezing enemies if maintained. Unbounded Storms deals huge Shock damage per second to melee attackers and randomly strike all nearby NPCs with lightning bolts.

Conjure Golden Saint...

The Golden Saints of Sheogorath's personal plane of Oblivion, the Shivering Isles, are iconic and stalwart guards of Mania. They are powerful spellcasters and, of course, golden in appearance - from their head to their toes and everything in between.

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The Saints and Seducers creation brings another Sheogorath-centered questline to Skyrim, alongside a variety of new weapons, armor, spells, and other items. Golden Saints aren't the only guardians of the Shivering Isles, however.

...And Conjure Dark Seducer

If golden warrior-spellcasters isn't exactly your "thing", consider learning the Conjure Dark Seducer spell instead. While Golden Saints guard Mania, Dark Seducers guard Dementia. The two groups are constantly fighting over Sheogorath's favor, though they serve similar purposes.

The differences between the Dark Seducer and the Golden Saint are mostly aesthetic, and though they are both able to attack with weapons and cast spells, Dark Seducers tend to favor melee combat while Golden Saints favor spellcasting.

Fenrik's Welcome

Fenrik's Welcome is a spell included in the Arcane Accessories pack for Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and it's not a spell one finds themself using in combat. Its effect is to turn the caster invisible for five seconds and enable them to unlock any Expert-level lock or below.

It's the perfect spell to learn in a Stealth build, though its effect helps players who haven't improved their lockpicking abilities too. Fenrik's Welcome is an Expert-level Illusion spell, though, so thieves might want to level up their Magicka skills a fair bit before being able to use this.

Paralysis Rune

Runes in Skyrim are not used as often as more direct spells, mostly because one can't be too sure of where their enemy's pathfinding AI will take them. The Paralysis Rune doesn't change pathfinding programming, but it serves as a much more useful Rune than just about any other in the game.

As the name suggests, the Paralysis Rune paralyzes enemies who walk on top of the spot where the caster placed it. As an Adept-level Alteration spell, Paralysis Rune immobilizes enemies for an entire eight seconds, plenty of time to get a few huge hits in.

Choking Grasp (And Its Higher-Level Versions)

Choking Grasp is a new Novice-level Destruction spell included with the Arcane Accessories creation that gives players the ability to absorb health. It's not too expensive a spell, either, at a meager base cost of 39 Magicka. It has three higher-level versions, each of which improves the health absorption rate.

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Strangulation is an Apprentice-level spell that deals and heals 16 damage, Hangman's Noose is an Adept spell that does 26 damage, and Touch of Death is an Expert spell that deals and heals a whopping 40 damage on impact.

Summoning Skeletons

In addition to granting players the ability to summon the Bone Colossus, the Necromantic Grimoire mod adds a variety of Conjuration spells revolving around summoning a skeletal army. Archer, Fighter, and Mage Skeletons can now be brought back from the dead, rather than just the one-hit-to-kill Skeleton summons.

The Necromantic Grimoire mod adds lots of other things that Necromancers can make great use of, like a new set of Necromancer Robes that improve on the base game's version. Improvements to Skeleton summons are always welcomed by Conjurer-types.

Orum's Aquatic Escape

Orum's Aquatic Escape, like Fenrik's Welcome, is not a spell that deals damage – as the name suggests, it provides an escape. This Adept-level Illusion spell grants the player invisibility, water breathing, and improved night vision for a total of 15 seconds.

It's a great spell for getting past enemies in a dungeon without being heard, especially in dark areas. It's even better for getting away from an unwinnable combat situation, as its invisibility and water breathing effects give players plenty of ways to get away before the enemy can process what happened.

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