Stardew Valley Co-Op Players Pull Off Ridiculously Coincidental Fishing Trick

Fishing is one of the many activities available to players in Stardew Valley, providing a way to earn ingredients, money, and complete select quests. Reeling in every fish in Stardew Valley is quite the task, especially when taking the game's legendary fish into account.

Generally speaking, successfully pulling in a legendary fish in the game is difficult, requiring a high level of skill, excellent gear, and sometimes specific timing. Reeling in any legendary fish is something to celebrate, but seeing two players reel in the exact same legendary fish at the same time is unusual, to say the least.

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That's exactly what happened to Redditor Bowman258, however. The video takes place during a co-op game, where they and the player's partner can be seen fishing in the sewers. Bowman258 gets a bite, and begins to reel in a legendary fish, which is denoted by the small crown above the fish's head. After a few moments of struggling to pull it out of the water, Bowman258 successfully retrieves a Mutant Carp, one of the legendary fish found in the sewers.

Pulling in a Mutant Carp would be impressive in its own right, but what's really surprising is seeing Bowman258's Stardew Valley co-op partner pull up the exact same fish at the exact same moment. The two Mutant Carp are even the same size, and both players stop moving after pulling in the fish, shocked by their luck. It's an understandable reaction; the odds are definitely against two players pulling this off, especially when taking into account that players can only land each legendary fish a single time.

It's worth noting that the Mutant Carp isn't the only thing that players can reel in at this location. Trash, white and green algae, and standard carp can be found in the sewers, in addition to the Radioactive Carp, another legendary fish. It seems that sheer luck was the determining factor here, as Bowman258 states that they didn't plan this, and no Stardew Valley mods appear to be in use.

Players in the comments appear to be very impressed by Bowman258's achievement. Many shared their own stories of struggling to find the legendary fish, while others were surprised to discover that fishing in the sewers was possible at all. Stardew Valley has no shortage of secrets to uncover, and players can potentially spend hundreds of hours delving deep into every hobby and skill the game has to offer. Managing to achieve this level of synchronization and luck, however, might take even longer than that.

Stardew Valley is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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