Stardew Valley Fan Gets Game Running on Game Boy

Stardew Valley has earned countless fans since its release to PC in 2016, winning players over with its charming art style and relaxed, open-ended gameplay. Since then, the role-playing game and farming simulator have found its way onto several other platforms, including Playstation and Xbox. Now, one fan has shown Stardew Valley running on the Game Boy, in a retro demo that has caught the attention of players.

Stardew Valley was developed by Eric Barone under his alias, ConcernedApe. It was praised upon its release and went on to win the Breakthrough Award at the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards. Inspired by Harvest Moon, players are tasked with restoring a farm, growing crops, and tending to livestock, but are free to engage in a range of activities however they see fit. Harvest Moon’s creator Yasuhiro Wada once praised Stardew Valley for the freedom of its gameplay.

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The Stardew Valley fan, known as whiskeypoops on Reddit, posted evidence of the game running to the /r/StrawdewValley community. The screenshot shows the menu, which appears to have scaled fairly well. No gameplay images were provided, leading viewers to question how the game scales down on the miniature screen. Even more curious, whiskeypoops is holding what appears to be a wooden Game Boy, which pairs excellently with the wood theme on the menu.

The console is not an original Game Boy, of course, but a modern Game Boy clone. According to whiskeypoops, the product in the photo is an MJKJ RG351V console, running the Linux-based Opendingux System. This has led Reddit users to speculate that the Stardew Valley fan is running the Linux version of the game, which is entirely possible on this quad-core handheld.

A Reddit user named Dexxtrip explained that acquiring the Linux game files would be straightforward for anyone who owns the game on Steam, and theorized that whiskeypoops could be using PortMaster. Indeed, in November, a Reddit user named MrBrothanson demonstrated a similar technique using the same hardware, including instructions on how to get it working.

Recently, the market for powerful handheld gaming devices has been heating up. Companies like Anbernic and Analogue have been catering to the retro market, particularly for Game Boy clones. Gamers looking for full PC portables have been treated to options such as the GPD Win and Aya Neo, with Valve looking to disrupt the space with the launch of the Steam Deck. In the meantime, anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to play Stardew Valley on the go can already do so. The game has supported Nintendo Switch and mobile for years now. Still, there’s something alluring about having Stardew Valley in your pocket on a little, wood-grain console.

Stardew Valley is available now on PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and mobile.

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