Stardew Valley Mod Lets Players Save Anywhere

Normally, in Stardew Valley, players must wait until the end of an in-game day to save. Now, a group of fans has created a mod that allows players to bypass this tedious feature of Stardew Valley and save anywhere at any time.

Gamers have been fairly spoiled with any time saves since 1986 with the Legend of Zelda—the first console game to feature the ability to save anywhere. Unfortunately, despite releasing almost 30 years after, Stardew Valley lacks this feature. Even with the enormous 1.5 update, a player wanting to save their progress is left with two options: head back to their home and go to bed or pass out in the fields. This is often viewed as a fairly frustrating feature that limits players' ability to jump in and out of Stardew Valley for a quick session. Enter: Omegasis, Aredjay, and CMiSSioN, three players who changed all that with their recent mod.

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The "Save Anywhere" mod allows players to save their progress simply by pressing "K." All a player needs is SMAPI—a program that facilitates mod loading in Stardew Valley. Fans looking to install the "Save Anywhere" should be aware that it is a relatively recent mod, and as such, the team is still battling the usual bugs and glitches that accompany any new release.

With the bugs in mind, this may be a mod best employed by players who are just starting Stardew Valley for now, rather than those with hours upon hours of hard work into the game—just in case.

Stardew Valley is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Aredjay

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