Starfield Collector's Edition Item Reportedly Leaked

Major game releases are typically associated with an expensive collector's edition of some sort and these have varied in quality over the years depending on the type of game and the publisher. Bethesda has consistently had some of the most interesting of the lot, like when it gave out limited-edition Pip-Boys with collector's editions of Fallout 4. If a rumor on Reddit is anything to go by it looks like Bethesda may be prepping something similar for its upcoming release of Starfield. The item in question also seems to some fans to be something that will appear in Starfield itself as well.

Over on Reddit some eagle-eyed fans have spotted what looks to be a watch during a behind-the-scenes look at Starfield from last year. At around the 1:33 mark, a watch is seen that seems to depict time-of-day for the sunrise and sunset and comes with its own user manual. The timepiece seems to sport numerous different designs and also allows the wearer the ability to check the current location's temperature and humidity as well. It also, of course, gives the time of day.

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The manual that appears to be linked to the watch gives further insight into its origins. A UK-based prop design agency, dubbed The Wand Company, is manufacturing the watch, and has worked on multiple other in-universe items come to life such as Poke' Ball replicas, a remote control wand, and the previously mentioned Pip-Boy from Fallout 4's collector's edition. However, this is all just speculation at this point as Bethesda itself has yet to confirm whether the watch is indeed coming in a wearable form.

YouTuber SquiddyVonn has also uploaded a video that suggests that this smartwatch will also be an in-universe item for Starfield and notes that it could be part of the game's UI. The watch's display box does appear in Starfield's first trailer and the release of the Pip-Boy for Fallout 4's launch does indeed give precedence to the fact that Bethesda likes to make in-game items as part of their collector's editions. Bethesda has said that something called a Chronomark box will be included with the collector's edition and fans have no doubt that this watch is what will be included inside.

If true, the watch will make a nice piece of wearable fan service for Starfield, and offers users something smaller than a Pip-Boy to wear out and about. Be warned that it will most likely be part of the most expensive collector's edition of Starfield and will likely sell out within seconds. Prep those wallets and index fingers to hit that pre-order button when the time comes for Bethesda to officially announce the watch.

Starfield will be released on PC and Xbox Series X on November 11, 2022.

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