Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Receiving Permanent Metroid Dread Spirits

It was thought that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was all done receiving content, but it seems Nintendo still has some cards up its sleeve. Starting today, the Metroid Dread Spirits are available once more in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and this time they're here for good.

Nintendo made some of Metroid Dread's characters as limited-time Spirits this past October to celebrate the game's release. The spirits included were Samus in her Power Suit, an E.M.M.I, and a Chozo Soldier, with players only having five days to acquire them. For the uninitiated, Spirits are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's major collectible, being embodiments of every franchise's characters as Ultimate's fighters. Spirits can be attained by fighting them on the Spirit Board, or purchasing them in the Shop, but with over 1,000 of them out there, it's going to take a while to collect them all.

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In a new post from the official Japanese Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Twitter account, Nintendo has announced the permanent return of the Metroid Dread Spirits. Once exclusive to the "Spirits of Dread" event, starting today the Metroid Dread Samus, E.M.M.I., and Chozo Warrior Spirits will be available for acquisition from the Spirit Board and Shop. Naturally, the Samus Spirit is just Samus in her blue alternate skin, but the E.M.M.I., and Chozo Soldier Spirits are a bit more creative. The E.M.M.I. is a Giant R.O.B, which makes sense as they are both robots, while the Chozo Soldier Spirit is a trio of Falcos.

This update comes after the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 13.0.1 patch in December, which brought about the final batch of character balancing. Additionally, it gave players another way to get the Samus and E.M.M.I. Spirits after the end of the "Spirits of Dread" event—significant at the time because there was no indication of their current return. Those who were fortunate enough to snag the Metroid Dread Samus and E.M.M.I. Amiibo pair can scan them into their Nintendo Switch and unlock those Spirits without relying on the RNG of the Spirit Board or Shop.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's director Masahiro Sakurai unsure of there being another Super Smash Bros. game, updates like this one take on a different feeling. It is sad to realize that the community is on the backside of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's lifespan, with no more characters or Spirits coming, nor any serious updates. Fortunately though, there are still many players online who are going strong, and with all of the Spirits to collect, there is still plenty of content to tide players over until the next game, whenever that is.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch.

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