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Best Holiday-Related Video Games to Play This Season

As the Holiday Season begins plenty of gamers are looking for titles to get them into the holiday spirit, and luckily there are plenty.

Overwatch Fans Discuss Which Heroes Have The Best Lore

Overwatch players debate which of the various heroes have the best individual lore inside the game's expansive universe.

Overwatch Shares Awesome Halloween Terror Posters

To celebrate Halloween, Overwatch releases multiple Halloween Terror posters that showcase several characters in their new costumes.

Overwatch Fan Shares Awesome Mad Hatter Sombra Skin Concept

A talented Overwatch fan shows off a skin concept for the hacker Sombra, with the outfit seeing the character transform into the Mad Hatter.

Incredibly Detailed Overwatch Fan Art Focuses On Tracer

A gorgeous piece of Overwatch artwork focuses on Tracer, with the hero seen using her Blink ability and reading a letter while out in the rain.

Neat Fan Art Combines Genji From Overwatch With Viewtiful Joe

The Viewtiful Joe series has been dormant for quite a while, but that hasn't stopped one fan from making crossover art between it and Overwatch.

Blizzard Cancels Digital Blizzcon Event Scheduled for 2022

In light of lawsuits and negative press, Blizzard cancels February's Blizzconline 2022, but promises updates for games will still be incoming.

Overwatch Update Officially Changes McCree's Name to Cole Cassidy

Blizzard officially updates McCree's name to Cole Cassidy following relations to sexual misconduct allegations at the company.

Overwatch: All of the Achievements Players Can Unlock in Junkenstein's Revenge

Overwatch's Halloween Terror event is here, and there are some achievements players can only get while the event is still around.

Overwatch Fan Shares Incredible Witch Mercy Pixel Art

As Halloween draws near, an Overwatch fan shows off their original pixel artwork of the witch version of popular support hero Mercy.

Biggest Gaming News of the Week: 10/18/21 - 10/24/21

Sony finally beats Nintendo's long-standing sales record, while EA brings on veteran developer from an iconic franchise, in this week's news recap.

Overwatch Player Makes Awesome Recruitment Poster Featuring Tracer

With Overwatch being an organization, it makes sense for the group to recruit people, and one fan makes a poster that serves this purpose.

Overwatch: Cole Cassidy is Clearly Inspired by Butch Cassidy

After weeks of waiting, Overwatch fans now know that Jesse McCree’s new name will be a nod to the real-life outlaw Butch Cassidy.

Overwatch Players Use Genius Reinhardt Trick to Troll Enemy Team

Using an old trick in a new location, Overwatch players are using a clever Reinhardt trick to troll enemy teams on King's Row.

Overwatch: The Lore Reason Why McCree's Name is Changing

The Overwatch hero formerly known as Jesse McCree received an in-universe explanation for his new name coming from real-life controversy.

Twitch Streamer xQc Reacts to McCree Name Change in Overwatch

Popular Canadian Twitch xQc reveals his thoughts and feelings on the recent name change of Overwatch's American gunslinger McCree.

Overwatch 2 Video Points Out Major Quality of Life Changes Coming With Sequel

A new video covering the Overwatch 2 playtests highlights some of the small changes that can be seen within the upcoming sequel.

Overwatch is Letting All Players Change Their BattleTag Names for Free

After introducing a name change to one of the heroes in the game, Overwatch is now allowing players to do the same for free.

Overwatch 2 is Missing Feature from First Game

The recent Overwatch 2 playtests reveal that the upcoming hero-shooter appears to be doing away with a feature from the original game.

Overwatch Reveals McCree's New Name

Blizzard finally reveals cowboy hero McCree's new name for popular shooter Overwatch, with the change going into effect early next week.

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