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Skyrim Special Edition: 5 Undead Characters And Their Dark Stories

Skyrim's characters come in all shapes and forms, even the undead kind. These undead characters have incredibly dark backgrounds.

Next Week is Going To Be Huge for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service has been on a roll, and next week is looking especially exciting for subscribers.

Skyrim Board Game Includes Prequel Story

Skyrim - the Adventure Game isn't just retelling the events of the video game's main quest, but adding significant lore to the world of Tamriel.

Skyrim: Most Useful Daedric Artifacts in the Game

Skyrim offers a lot of unique items to keep the player engaged, but few are more useful than some of the game’s best Daedric artifacts.

Skyrim: 12 Creation Club Mods That Are Worth It

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is infamously mod-friendly — but how do the official Creation Club mods stack up? Here are some of the best and worst of them.

Skyrim Special Edition: 8 Locations That Are Freakier Than You Thought

Most locations in Skyrim are fairly mundane, but some hide macabre or disturbing secrets. Here are a few you might have missed.

The Best New and Upcoming Games on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass offers a massive library that's complete some major new games, and these are the best of them.

Skyrim Special Edition: 5 Annoying NPCs Players Should Not Spare

Skyrim's massive open-world environment has a ton of NPCs, some more annoying than others. These characters in particular shouldn't be spared.

Explaining Skyrim's Creation Club

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition includes a load of content from the Creation Club, but many fans of the classic RPG aren't entirely sure what that means.

Skryim Fan Shows Off Impressive Dark Brotherhood Armor for Halloween

One talented Skyrim fan shows off a homemade version of the Dark Brotherhood armor set and it is quite accurate to say the least.

Skyrim Fan Makes Incredible Nightingale Armor for Halloween

One Skyrim fan shows off their extremely detailed and accurate Nightingale armor costume, and it is impressive to say the least.

Skyrim: 5 Best Mods For Altmers

The Altmer of Summerset get a bad rap for being the face of the Thalmor - here are five High Elf mods for Skyrim that make the race more bearable.

Skyrim: 5 Best Mods For Bosmer

The Bosmer (Wood Elves) of Valenwood are most players' first choice when building a Ranger - here are the best Wood Elf mods for Skyrim.

Skyrim Fans Are Sharing Awesome Jack-O-Lantern Designs

A number of Skyrim fans celebrate Halloween by sharing pictures of their awesome Jack-O-Lantern designs inspired by The Elder Scrolls games.

Xbox Game Pass: All the Day One Games Confirmed for November 2021 So Far

While the full lineup has yet to be revealed, Microsoft confirms six day one games coming to Xbox Game Pass throughout November 2021.

Skyrim: 15 Weapons That Make The Game Too Easy (& How To Obtain Them)

There are a lot of powerful weapons to be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but these ten weapons are so strong they're practically gamebreaking.

Skyrim: How To Cure Vampirism

Being a vampire can be fun in Skyrim, but if the drawbacks become too much, it's possible for the Dragonborn to seek a vampirism cure.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition's Oblivion Content Has Clear Throwback to Horse Armor Controversy

As Skyrim Anniversary Edition confirms content based on Morrowind and Oblivion, it's hard not to see a reference to the old Horse Armor controversy.

Skyrim Fan Shares Awesome Alduin Fan Art

A Skyrim player and fan uses colored pencils to sketch their impressive recreation of Alduin, the game's legendary antagonist.

Elder Scrolls: 10 Best Side Quests Of The Entire Franchise, Ranked

Side quests are the heart and soul of open-world RPGs like The Elder Scrolls games. Across the series, here are the best side stories waiting for you.

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  • Skyrim Special Edition: 5 Undead Characters And Their Dark Stories
  • Next Week is Going To Be Huge for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers
  • Skyrim Board Game Includes Prequel Story
  • Skyrim: Most Useful Daedric Artifacts in the Game
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