Tainted Grail: Conquest - How To Farm Each Currency

Those who are wondering what the endgame of Tainted Grail: Conquest looks like should wonder no more. It's all about getting everything leveled up and that means collecting huge amounts of the game's eight basic currencies.

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This might sound easy, but without a plan, each run can be rather efficient. Many of these currencies can start and end at the same number; even sit at zero for much of the game. For those who are looking to get the most out of each run in Tainted Grail: Conquest, here are some tips that will turn any amateur into a farming machine.


Wealth goes away after each run, so of all the currencies in the game, this seems like it should have the lowest priority. But, as gamers will find in other sections, basic wealth can be used to purchase items that turn into permanent currencies.

With it established that wealth gain isn't entirely negligible, the main way to get cash is to clear each section fully. Enemy units are the best way to harvest wealth as they yield some after each battle. The only opponents

Runestone Dust

A complex system of upgrades is what makes this one of the best RPGs on Game Pass, but sometimes that complexity can feel overwhelming. By merging runes, players will collect runestone dust; the higher quality runes, the more dust collected.

In general, buy out or take all the runestones when they are offered, either from the vendor, the blacksmith, or the young boy. Before the fourth and final boss, merge them all together. For those leftover runes, transmute the extra runestones at the blacksmith into runes with two partners, then merge those.


A peculiar cast of characters is what helps make a great RPG on PC and this game brings out some memorable folks. For tallow, the most important thing is to buy as many Wyrdcandles as possible and upgrade them at the candlemaker for extra strength.

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Each leftover Wyrdcandle automatically becomes tallow at the end of each run, so don't worry about doing anything specifically. Players will be tempted to max out their candle meter, but doing so means wasted tallow (since the overage doesn't translate to tallow).

Some might be tempted to not use candles at all, which will, indeed, max out tallow, but that's a bit excessive. It's the same amount so long as gamers don't fill the meter.

Golden Tokens

As the first video game in a potential series, gamers are already excited for the sequel to the RPG. Collecting wealth might not feel memorable since it "goes away" after each run, but where does it go to? The answer is a simple formula.

For each one-hundred wealth, players will get a golden token to spend with the scientist. This currency comes at the expense of other currencies that encourage players to spend money, so it requires a careful balance. If golden tokens are getting low, knock out a run or two without spending a cent to fill up.


Much like gaining wealth, Wyrdstones to spend at the lost soul are gained through generic combat. Instead of killing the minimum amount of enemies each run, instead try to take out as many as possible since most battles yield at least a handful of them. Many NPCs, after finishing their quests, offer Wyrdstones when they are found again, so speak to every available inhabitant.

However, don't forget that after unlocking each class, players get one-hundred Wyrdstones after crossing the threshold. For completionists on each run, this should happen once every run. Try running up the score by increasing the difficulty.


The only way to get more blood is the old-fashioned way; killing everything that poses a threat. Of all the currencies, this is the most straightforward but it is also in the highest demand. Those who don't focus on gathering blood early will rue their lackluster earlier runs eventually.

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While many optional battles don't yield wealth or Wyrdstones, these will often give away blood, so don't be afraid of the cultists or the Windmill for the ritual battle. After a certain point in the story, this fight can't actually kill the player, even if they lose, so it's a good place to farm and fight (so long as the player has the livers to keep going).

Card Shreds

This is probably the easiest currency to lose out on without realizing it. Many rookies might hear "card shreds" and feel like that pertains to removed cards from the deck. It's correctly granted by passing up on cards when leveling up. Those who decline to pick a card are given card shreds instead.

There are a few tactics for players looking to get as many card shreds as possible. First, pick a character like the Sentinel that doesn't need many (or any) extra cards to beat the game. Next, do not reroll the card selection with wealth as passing up on the new cards yields less than outright declining to pick a card the first time.

Journal Pages

This is a currency that can be exchanged for any other currency listed above, so it is universally helpful for whatever players are trying to farm. Doing missions is going to be automatic in most players' minds, but it takes extra significance when collecting journal pages.

Keep an eye on the quest journal and focus on moving every incomplete and current quest into the completed category. Also, each new encounter, enemy, ability, and card will yield a journal page or two, so try and play with underused classes to unlock as many pages each run as possible.

Tainted Grail: Conquest was released on May 27th, 2021, and is available for PC.

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