Transformers: 9 Best Decepticons, Ranked

The generations-long fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons is at the forefront of the Transformers universe. Both sides have legendary characters that have appeared in multiple mediums like television cartoons, live-action movies, and most recently, the MOBA video game Smite. Many fan favorites join Optimus Prime in the light; however, there are just as many on the opposite side that fans love to see cause trouble.

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It takes a lot more to rise the ranks of Decepticons than it does in the Autobots, even though the positions of the Autobots are filled with strong warriors. To rise among the Decepticons, it takes cleverness, ruthlessness, and cold opportunism. Many try, but even more fail. Here is a list of the most evil, calculating Decepticon Transformers.

9 Scorponok

Scorponok has one of the longest histories in the Transformers franchise. He has appeared in numerous mediums, with several different versions of his character taking shape. He has been one of the most threatening warriors on the battlefield, even going toe to toe with Megatron and coming out on top.

Scorponok has been a significant threat, with his agendas against Autobots. That, along with his lust for power within the Decepticon ranks, places him at number nine on the list.

8 Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is the largest Decepticon of the faction, being one of their guardian transformers. He usually takes the form of a navy warship, but is made up of three different, smaller vessels for his great size. First appearing in Transformers: Armada, he gained much notoriety that spearheaded him into appearing in several more Transformers series over the years.

Always a menace on the battlefield, Tidal Wave is a dedicated Decepticon that can cause explosive damage that even an entire team of Autobots couldn’t handle. Tidal Wave's pure power makes him one of the best and most dangerous Decepticons.

7 Overlord

Overlord is a lone wolf among Decepticons. He has appeared scarcely in media in the United States, but his debut garnered quite a bit of attention. Like Tidal Wave, he is made up of multiple vehicles, though he is not quite as big. Still, Overlord proved to be a strong contender for leadership and a genuine rival to Megatron.

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He is always a renegade Decepticon, with his faction of soldiers carrying out campaigns against Optimus Prime and Megatron by himself. His history is short compared to other transformers’ characters; still, it is one of the most eventful. His prowess in battle and tactics in the transformers universe makes him a leading threat.

6 Soundwave

Soundwave is one of the most popular Transformers characters globally, which is saying a lot considering he’s a Decepticon. He has appeared in many versions in most Transformers media, including comics and live-action movies. He is described as the spy Decepticon, able to read minds and gather intel.

Because of his skills, Soundwave was stationed high in the Decepticon hierarchy. Megatron’s most loyal confidant, Soundwave was also a fierce fighter, sometimes taking on multiple Autobots alone. While he has been a leader, Soundwave's personality sometimes pushes him to the background, which is why he ranks lower than some other Decepticons.

5 Shockwave

No other Decepticon aside from Megatron himself strikes fear into Autobots everywhere like Shockwave does. A fearsome and ruthless combatant on and off the battlefield, he is a cold calculator.

Shockwave's schemes have led to the complete desolation of entire strike forces filled with the toughest Autobots. Even Optimus Prime would have a hard time making a speech to face this Decepticon. Shockwave's cold, calculative nature has made him a popular character in comics and cartoons, making him one of the best Decepticons.

4 Starscream

One of the most prominent Decepticons in existence (demonstrated by his popularity in memes), Starscream has a significant presence throughout the legacy of Transformers in Comics, Animation, and Live-action movies. Starscream has long served as a second-in-command role to Megatron, but is always calculating his options and looking for an opportunity to overthrow him.

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Since his conception, Starscream has terrorized the Autobots from above, primarily appearing as a fighter jet. Commonly described as a coward or a weasel, Starscream is still not one to underestimate.

3 Megatron

The terror of terrors, Megatron has been one of the most influential villains not just in Transformers, but in general pop culture. His menacing presence as the longstanding leader of the Decepticons and main rival of Optimus Prime, he is the only Decepticon with the wit, prowess, and strength to rule adequately

He has had many iterations and has appeared in many mediums, especially after the Unicron saga. Megatron's ambition and vile nature make even the most powerful Decepticons and Autobots think twice about taking him on.

2 Galvatron

While Megatron is the ultimate threat to the Autobots, he has been defeated numerous times in the past — yet, he always comes back in one form or another. One of his most powerful forms is that of Galvatron. This was the result of Megatron being recreated inside the machine god Unicron, and reforged using the Matrix of Leadership.

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As Galvatron, Megatron's power was increased tenfold. He became an even more dangerous threat to Cybertron and the Autobots controlled directly by Unicron. Paired with Megatrons bloodlust, Galvatron is nearly unstoppable.

1 Unicron

While technically not a Decepticon, Unicron is the most deadly threat to the entire universe, not just the Autobots. Unicron often employs the forces of Decepticons in his plans to wipe out humanity, and the universe with them. He is the most powerful entity in the Transformers universe, titled a “planet eater.” Many fans hope that he shows up in the upcoming Transformers 7 live-action film.

Whenever Optimus Prime feels his presence through space, there is no question that ruin and chaos are soon to follow. Unicron takes the number one spot, as he is the best of the best in the class of Decepticon.

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