Twitch Viewers Watched Amouranth for 38.34 Million Hours in 2021

There have been many different top Twitch streamers in the past decade, with the last couple of years dominated by xQc, who has the distinction of being the top Twitch streamer of 2021. But while xQc was the top male Twitch streamer for both 2020 and 2021, the top female Twitch streamer changed from last year to this one. Whereas Pokimane was the top female Twitch streamer for 2020, Amouranth took the crown in 2021 and by a significant margin.

According to Stream Charts and reported by Dexerto, Amouranth had a staggering 38.34 million hours watched in 2021, which equates to over 4,000 years of watch-time in a single year. This is impressive to say the least, with the second place female streamer being Saddummy with 20.8 million. 2020's top female Twitch streamer Pokimane came in third place with 20.5 million hours watched, which is nothing to sneeze at either.

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Amouranth was the top female Twitch streamer of 2021 despite her account being banned multiple times. Amouranth's Twitch account was banned due to her suggestive ASMR streams, and then it was banned again later on for an undisclosed reason. Amouranth's account was restored after each ban and it can be argued that the attention she got from the bans fueled even more interest in her Twitch streams.

With Amouranth being the top female streamer on the platform, it's no surprise that she has made a significant amount of money from Twitch. The Twitch data leaks from earlier this year confirmed what many already assumed, that Amouranth has made millions of dollars from Twitch streaming, and that she is indeed one of the top-earning content creators on the entire site.

Amouranth has been transparent with her fans about what she's doing with that money. Amouranth bought gas stations to help lower her 2021 tax bill as well as bring in passive income, plus she has invested a significant amount of money in the stock market. As a matter of fact, Amouranth claims to have purchased $1 million worth of Visa stock as a birthday gift to herself just earlier this month.

Even though Amouranth has been banned multiple times, her being the top female streamer on Twitch means it's highly unlikely that any ban will stick and be permanent. It will be interesting to see if Amouranth is able to dream up anymore Twitch metas to help her become the top female Twitch streamer of 2022 as well.

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Source: Stream Charts (via Dexerto)

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