Twitch Streamer's Mod Banned for Making 'Your Mom' Joke to a Friend

The popular streaming platform Twitch is well known for its confusing, unpredictable, and often questionable bans. With millions of people logging in every single day, the site appears to be going into overdrive with its attempts to clamp down on hate speech. While this is an admirable goal, the fact remains that Twitch recently banned one streamer's mod for making a "your mom" joke to a friend.

Even aside from this incident, Twitch seems to have had a bit of a rocky start to the year. Not only were top streamers Pokimane and DisguisedToast banned from Twitch, but it also appears that the TV show meta is now dominating the platform.

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Recently, Twitch streamer HeyImBee’s moderator Aymankc made a "your mom" joke directed at HeyImBee. The joke in question was rather mundane, simply alleging that HeyImBee’s mom knows Aymankc's strokes. While this may not seem like a ban-worthy offense, it appears that Twitch disagrees, as on January 9 Aymankc revealed over Twitter that this joke got them a seven-day-long ban for “unsolicited sexual advances.” This may not be the silliest reason for someone to receive a Twitch ban, but it's certainly a contender for the title.

In the Twitter post, Aymankc shares a screenshot of the Twitch ban announcement, which includes the reasoning for the ban, the location where the supposed violation occurred, and the length of the suspension. In this case, the violation occurred inside of public or private messages. Aymankc was able to also include a screenshot of the offending statement, accompanied by an exasperated announcement that this is the sentence they were banned over. Twitch banned over 15 million hate raid bots in 2021 alone, so it's possible that the platform's detection protocols are now a bit over-sensitive. Alternately, the algorithms or persons involved with Aymankc's ban may have simply missed the context in which the "your mom" joke was shared.

As of writing, it appears that other Twitch fans are treating the situation as a bit of a joke. One Twitter user replied to the post by saying that Aymankc should have binge-watched copyrighted material--that way, they would have only gotten a two-day-long ban. This is a reference to the ongoing TV show meta on Twitch, a popular trend that has seen many streamers try to gather viewers by watching and reacting to a TV show. This has gotten a number of streamers, including some big names, banned from Twitch. However, some of these bans may have a much shorter duration than Aymankc's "your mom" ban.

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