Microsoft Stopped Manufacturing Xbox One Consoles at the End of 2020

The Xbox One had a rocky start but ended the previous console generation as an innovative and well-rounded machine. Despite still ending its Xbox One X production before the Series X/S' arrival, Microsoft apparently pulled the manufacturing plug on all of its Xbox One consoles back in 2020.

In many ways, the Xbox One is the quintessential video game comeback story. At the beginning of its life, the Xbox One seemed to have different priorities than what players expected, controversially being marketed as an "all-in-one" experience for the living room and almost having an always-online cavieat. Furthermore, the choice to pack every console with a Kinect, Xbox's motion gameplay camera from that time, made the entry price much higher than the PS4, in turn setting Microsoft up for a game of catch up. By the end of its life though, in thanks to initiatives like Xbox Play Anywhere, the tremendous backwards compatability library, and upgrades of the Xbox One X/S, the console was considered redeemed to many.

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According to notable Microsoft reporter, Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft stopped manufacturing all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020. Cindy Walker, the senior director of console product marketing at Xbox, told The Verge, "To focus on production of Xbox Series X/S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020." In 2020 Xbox announced it was discontinuing the Xbox One X before the release of the Xbox Series X/S, but it seems that also the Xbox One S was also stopped around that same time. Since then, retailers have just been selling through their remaining stock, meaning whatever units are still out there are all that's left.

This announcement follows a new Bloomberg report suggesting Sony and PlayStation taking the exact opposite approach in dealing with its supply issues. Although Sony considered discontinuing the PS4 at the end of 2021 as the unrest from players who want a PS5 kept mounting, ultimately Sony decided to continue production of the PS4. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has stunted electronics manufacturing across the board, especially those involving microchips, and since the PS4 uses less advanced technology, it is generally an easier console to make, according to the Bloomberg article.

Microsoft's decision to quietly pull its Xbox One production has seemed to pay off pretty well for the company. While the Xbox Series X remains pretty hard to find, Xbox Series S supply has pretty much kept up with demand, with the Xbox Series X/S combined becoming the fastest-selling Xbox consoles in the company's history. One has to wonder had Sony also bit the bullet and stopped PS4 production back in 2020 would the PS5 supply be any better today, like the Xbox One has done for the Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: The Verge

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